About Riverdale

    Why I live and work here. Riverdale has a wonderful history...

    An affluent neighborhood with a rich history, Riverdale is a piece of suburban luxury in the Bronx. This desirable neighborhood offers a comfortable, family-friendly atmosphere with easy access to Manhattan.

    Once a fashionable summer estate district for Manhattan moguls, the neighborhood houses a wealth of historic Tudor mansions and stately townhouses. Riverdale’s quiet residential streets are packed with spacious lawns and luxury co-op buildings. The significant number of homeowners in the area means a high community involvement from residents looking to maintain a safe and beautiful place to live.

    Riverdale has a lot to offer its tight-knit community. The strip of retail and cafes on Riverdale Avenue provide the perfect place to spend an afternoon. Though quieter in the evenings, locals enjoy fine dining at trendy restaurants and happy hour at local pubs. Much of the commercial landscape is locally owned, adding to the district’s small-town vibe.

    Riverdale offers stunning Hudson River views and a vast stretch of well-manicured public parks. Residents enjoy spending afternoons at the many dog runs, tennis courts and public golf courses that make up the area’s parkland. Van Cortlandt Park offers scenic hiking trails and horseback. Every summer, the New York Philharmonic performs on the well-loved lawn. From intramural sports at Gaelic Park to the botanical gardens and outdoor art gallery at Wave Hill, Riverdale is rife with historical lore.